Price List

Sold by Brown Injection Systems and authorized installers:

This is the price for the entire kit including the ECM computer, Electronic Ignition, and wiring harness. sensors, fuel pressure regulator and all parts to make your Corvair fully EFI.  You will need to provide your own Wideband O2 sensor based on your own preference.

2 Throttle Body Injection V3

B-13106    1961-1965 FC 145/164 CI engine EFI kit – $1699.00

B-13110    1961-1964 Car & Wagon, 145/164 CI engine EFI kit  – $1699.00

B-13113    1965-1969 Car, 164 CI engine EFI kit  $1699.00

B-13206    1961-1965 FC, 140 HP 2 TBI engine EFI kit – $1749.00

B-13210    1961-1964 Car & Wagon, 140 HP engine EFI kit  – $1749.00

B-13213    1965-1969 Car, 140 HP engine EFI kit  $1749.00


Turbo EFI

(Stay tuned…were getting close)



EFI Sending Unit w/High Pressure Bosch Pump and Filter      $219.00

Carb Sending Unit w/Low Pressure Pump and Filter     $149.00

Brown EFI Distributor    $199.00 (NEW-No core required)

Carb Cores $35 each

Distributor Core – $50.00

Add 3.5% for PayPal to the total.

Prices DO NOT include shipping.  A kit is approx $35.00-$45.00 shipping cost (lower 48 only).