Sending Unit and Fuel Pump Combo for EFI

3This is a Stainless Steel sending unit mounted to a Bosch pump mounted on a Corvair sending unit.    We take great care in manufacturing these units as this is one of the most important parts of the EFI system.

  • Sending unit has a bump to prevent pump slippage
  • SAE 30R10 Submersible Rubber hose
  • Viton seals used on Power Stud
  • PTFE fuel-safe wire
  • New Filter Included
  • Seal and Ring Included
  • All electrical connections are crimped, soldered, and shrink tubed
  • The float arm has been repositioned to prevent interference with the pump/filter

Each sending unit is checked for the proper Ohms before shipping, but you should check the gauge calibration and operation of the sending unit before installation.  We test-run each pump before it leaves our shop as part of the quality control process.  DO NOT RUN THE PUMP DRY FOR MORE THAN 5 SECONDS  The rubber hose between the unit and pump is a special submersible hose that is not as flexible as most and will break the plastic end of the pump if over-flexed and is not covered under warranty.

This pump assembly with work on any EFI from 12 psi (GM Old School TBI) to 58 psi (Corvette/Corvair).  The Bosch #69224/69225 is a 100 psi pump with an 85 psi pressure relief valve built into the pump head.  Your fuel pressure regulator (FPR) determines the pressure, not the pump. The pump assembly includes a fuel pump filter in the packaging.  We recommend using our Return Line Adapter as this setup ensures the fuel is cooled and no bubbles or foam are introduced into the pump.  Due to the volume of this pump, it will NOT work on carbureted engines.


We offer EM, Late, and FC



FC Sending Unit (We do not recommend internal pump setup for FCs due to the complexity of installation)

Car/Wagon Sending Unit

Brown EFI is for off-road use only