Fuel Pump Combo Installation

This procedure is for the EFI (high pressure) and the Carb (low pressure) pump combo.

Fuel Sending Unit w/Pump: Do not run the pump dry

  • Disconnect the Negative post of the battery during the installation.
  • Insert the fuel level bulb and then bend the filter edges inward so the pump can be installed after the bulb.  The pump should mount up and will need the ring attached to secure the sending unit.  Remember to install a new rubber seal on the tank to the sending unit to prevent future leaks.  The filter may differ from the one in the pic, but works the same.
  • The locking ring of the sender must be fully rotated until it hits the stops made into the tank. The rubber O-ring type seal should ideally be located with the little flap toward the inside and resting in the small recess in the inside of the sending unit disc. Lubricating the O-ring a little before installation helps it seal better but is not essential normally.
  • Connect the ground wire to the frame of the car.  Use the factory hole if it has not been striped, if so use a screw and nut.
  • Connect the gauge wire and test that the sending unit reads properly
  • Connect the FUSED 12VDC wire from your power source to the power stud.
  • Fill approx 2 gallons of fuel and check for leaks.  If the unit leaks, find the source, drain the tank, and take appropriate corrective actions.

Dave Motohead simple and easy explanation.  The gas tank displayed is not a Corvair, but same actions apply.


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