Distributor Conversion w/Trigger Wheel

The distributor conversion should take about 15-20 minutes to complete and you will need a drill with bit as 1 hole will need to be drilled to complete this operation.  It is simple and straight forward and should not be an issue.  If your distributor is rusty or missing parts, you can spot weld the cam to the base plate.

Remove the Distributor Cap, rotor button and Plate screws.  Remove the Plate and place aside as you will be re-using it.

Remove Vacuum advance

Remove Weight Cage, springs and weights

Remove the points plate by grinding off tower from the bottom.  Replace the cam and scratch a mark on the base by rotating the “catch” back and forth.


** Note If you have a MIG/TIG welder, you can spot weld the cam to the plate

Punch and drill out the mark with a 3/16″ drill.


Test fit the cam to ensure it bottoms out completely.  Replace Cage without the weights or springs.  If you are missing the cage or other parts, you can spot weld the cam assembly to the base plate.


Reuse screws and the cradle to prevent the cam from moving up or down.  Replace the distributor plate and rotor button.  The conversion is now finished.


You can replace the original cover for looks if you like.