How To Setup TunerStudioMS

Step 1. Plugging up.

Turn on the switch to your Corvair without cranking the engine as this will power the ECU. You’ll want to make sure your settings are correct before powering up the ECU connected to the car

Step 2. Open the tuning software.

With the ECU now powered up and connected to the laptop, open up your Windows menu and browse over to your program files. We will want to open the EFI Analytics folder and start the program called TunerStudio MS.

Step 3. Basic configuration

After TunerStudio opens, mouse over to the File menu. We will want to open File > Project > New Project. This will open the Create New Project Menu. Add a project name, any name you want.

After naming your project, let’s click on the Detect button on the middle, right side of the Create New Project menu.

Clicking this button will ask TunerStudio to find the MegaSquirt that is connected to your laptop, and will identify the com port number and firmware version loaded to the ECU. After TunerStudio calls out the com port number and ECU firmware definition, click Accept.

To set the ECU Definition, TunerStudio will need to match up your ECU’s firmware to its corresponding ini file that is saved on your laptop.

Step 4. Setting up ECU Definition

If TunerStudio is able to detect your ECU Definition automatically, just click Accept

Step 5. Project Properties.

Now we will set up our project’s properties. You can set your o2 sensor type for narrowband or various wideband sensors, temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius, as well as other preferences.

On MS2/Extra 3.2.5 and earlier code, we will also need to set up TunerStudio for a MicroSquirt ECU. We will do this by using the dropdown menus called MICROSQUIRT.

On the other settings, as a general rule, use the default if you are not sure if you need it. Most of these are advanced options that many users will not need.

Click Next> when finished

Step 6. Confirming Settings

We’re almost there. TunerStudio is simply confirming our configuration. It’s repeating back the project name, the com port that your MegaSquirt ECU is connected to, and the baud rate of the communication. This should be set to 9600 for an MS1 or 115200 for MS2 or MS3. If this all looks good, click Next>

Step 7. Choosing a Dash Configuration

TunerStudio has a large variety of how it can display your virtual dashboard. Here you can choose from a few different preset gauge types. Chose the one that looks best to you, and click Finish. If you have trouble deciding, this is something you can always change later.