Brown EFI

The Brown Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system was developed due to the many attempts by others to create a system for Corvair Owners but was either too complicated or expensive or both.  This injection system was not designed as a racing venue, but for performance and reliability.  The newest carbs are 50 years old and the repair or rebuilding is getting more and more difficult.  In the 1980s Milt Binion built 10 EFI kits from 280Z and adapted them to the Corvair.  Using Mr. Binion as our inspiration, we adapted a Chevy Cavalier/C1500 V6 EFI system and hoped to sell at least 10 units.  This system has evolved to specially built TBIs using the Corvair Carburetor, but retaining the bolt-on nature to keep the Corvair engine un-modified.  As of December 2020, we have built 135 fuel injection systems and delivered them to 3 continents. We are the world leader in Corvair fuel injection systems design and manufacture

The 2nd Generation TBI was developed to simplify the installation and not be as dependent on used parts as the 1st Generation TBI.  This kit uses the Corvair linkage, Air cleaners, and distributor which makes it look very close to the factory Corvair engine.   This is a Microsquirt-based system and uses standard GM/Bosch parts and sensors.   Parts were chosen based on availability, price, and dependability.  We try to source parts that are American-made, but finding those parts is getting more and more difficult.  

I am Ted Brown and I designed this system to be simple, complete, and trouble-free with easy troubleshooting if it ever needs maintenance.  You must have a  willingness to learn, a laptop, and a little patience.  Please evaluate your skills and the skills of others before you embark on this journey which is well worth the trouble.


Brown Injection Systems, LLC
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Did I mention…Brown EFI is for off-road use only?