Wiring Harness

Every wiring harness is test-run on our demo engine before shipment to ensure you get a system you can install on your engine that is free from defects and ready to run.  We leave the wire ends open where we tested them so you know for sure.

Dual TBI 

Revision 1 (June 2024)

  • Removed Dual O2 connector unless specified (4 TBI Staged Injection)
  • Removed 2 wire Connectors on O2 wiring (for direct wiring to your O2 controller)
  • Removed Manifold Temp Sensor tied to Engine Temp Sensor
Pin# Name Color In/Out Function
1 +12VDC Switched -Spliced at Relay 1 Orange In +12VDC for ECM and both relays
7 Idle Control Solenoid Light Green Out PWM (-) to Idle solenoid
8 Fuel Pump Relay Gray Out (-) Fuel pump relay Control
9 INJ 1 (Passenger Side) Brown Out (-) Injector bank 1 output
10 INJ 2 (Drivers Side) Tan Out (-) Injector bank 2 output
12 GM IGN Module Pin A White Out Spark A logic output
13 RX Serial to 2.5mm Conn Red Comms RS232 comm – Data
14 TX Serial to 2.5mm Conn White Comms RS232 comm – Data
18 Sensor Ground Black GND Eng Temp/MAT Sensor Ground
19 Serial Ground to 2.5mm Conn Black GND Serial Ground – Data
20 Sensor Ground Black GND MAP/TPS Sensor Ground
22 Power Ground Black GND Power Ground w/Ring to Engine
23 Power Ground Black GND Spliced to Pin 22
24 MAP Sensor Pin B Light Green In MAP sensor input
25 Engine Temp Yellow In Engine Temp Sensor
26 Engine Manifold Temp Orange In Combined with ETS
27 Throttle Position Sensor Dark Blue In TP Sensor input
28 TPS/MAP VREF (5V) Gray Out 5V supply for TPS/MAP
29 Dual O2 Drivers Side Purple/Black In O2 Sensor Secondary (Not active in software)
32 VR1+ Shielded Cable White In Crank Sensor (A)
33 VR1- Shielded Cable Black In Crank Sensor (B)
34 O2 Sensor Passenger Side Purple In Oxygen Sensor Primary
35 Tachometer Lt Blue Out Capped (not connected) @ 15″