Turbo 150/180 HP



Performance, Economy, and Durability:

No car deserves the EFI more than the turbo engine.   The carburetors worked reasonably well 50 years ago, but most are not rebuildable or missing parts from prior repairs.

Simple Design:   Our new design is completely reversible and uses staged injection for good starting, idle, and excellent boost.  The carb and studs are removed as they are replaced with studs from the kit.  The throttle butterfly valve is also removed and the spacer is installed between the Turbo housing and the EFI throttle body.   The EFI throttle body has the TPS and the secondary injector all mounted to the throttle body and is straightforward to install. Your distributor is locked out and reworked for electronic control and a high-pressure fuel pump will need to be installed.

Ignition:  The other weak part of the turbo setup is the distributor.  The advance/retard worked reasonably well when they were new, but are dependent on springs and weights that wear over time.  The electronic distributor uses a 15×12 table to control the timing and adjusts the timing by temp to reduce the chance of pre-ignition.   The standard kit has the Crank Wheel trigger system, GM LSX ignition module, and your standard coil.  This configuration is simple and supplies ample spark, but for more spark, we recommend the “Flame Thrower 40011 40k” coil.  These upgraded coils provide more spark for Corvair engines except for extreme setups.   Using this type of setup, you can create custom ignition curves and factor in things like temp. The 6025 EFI Distributor replaces the crank wheel system and is available for an additional cost.

Fuel System:  The Turbo kit includes a Fuel pressure regulator,  fuel lines with fittings to both injectors,  a 100 psi fuel gauge with adapter, and a fuel pulse dampener installed between the engine and body fuel line.   The fuel pulse damper will help minimize fuel line pulses that can cause uneven fueling.  You will also need a high-pressure fuel pump and the in-tank pump is recommended for simplicity and dependability.

O2 Sensor:  You will need to purchase the WBO2 controller and sensor of your choice and have the O2 bung welded in the exhaust as shown.  The Wiring harness is prewired for the WBO2 sensor.





The kit includes all items from the fuel pressure regulator to the engine. The fuel pump is NOT included in the kit but is available at an additional cost.

Kit Contents

1 ea      Modified Crossover Tube (You must provide Core)
1 ea      Fuel Line “T” to Tunnel Line 5/16”
1 ea      Fuel Line Pressure Gauge 5/16”
1 ea      Fuel Pressure Regulator/Filter, 58 lbs with 5/16″ hose barb
1 ea      Fuel Pressure Regulator to Fuel Line adapter (3/8″ x 5/16″)
1 ea      Fuel Pressure Regulator to Fuel Line adapter (5/16″ x 5/16″)
1 ea      Fuel Return Line Adapter (5/16”) w/Clamps
1 ea      Control Panel with screws
1 ea      Turbo Wiring Harness with Relays
1 ea      ECM Computer (programmed and user adjustable)
1 ea      2 Bar Map Sensor, GM Type (Mounted to Control Panel)
1 ea      Head/Engine Temp Sensor (3/8-16 thread)
1 ea      Fuel pump block-off with O-Ring
1 ea      Late Model GM Ignition Module w/Bracket
1 ea      36-1 Trigger Wheel w/bolts and spacers
1 ea      Crank Sensor Bracket
1 ea      Crank Sensor
1 ea      USB to 2.5mm ECM to Laptop Cable
1 ea    **Crossover Tube
1 ea    **Distributor core required (Turbo core not required)

Cores:   **Send your cores (Early models are preferred) when you order to allow time for the modifications to these items and avoid delays.  Your cores must be in reasonably good shape and must have a fairly straight Bell Crank, a throttle plate, and a throttle shaft that is not binding.  Unusable bases have to be thrown away, waste your shipping, and another set of cores will be needed.  A core charge will be charged for each unusable core.
Did you know that Brown EFI is intended for off-road use only?