Installation Version 1

Version 1 was offered from 2008 to 2015 and sold through Clarks Corvair.  We no longer build or support that system as the availability of parts made this system no longer viable.  The “cash for clunkers” government program destroyed the millions of viable donor vehicles and the ECMs were a large part of this.  The available ECMs at the time were unable to be “chipped” due to the influx of fake Chinese chips and the Taiwan Chips are no longer produced (2014).  Due to this shortage, we created version 2 EFI which uses off-the-shelf sensors, and the TBIs are converted Corvair Carburetors.  We still have some Memcal sets, so if you have a kit that is not running right, we have those for shipping only.

Version 2 uses a carb converted to a throttle body with a steel top and an Audi/VW Coil.

Version 3 has a cast aluminum throttle body top, Factory Coil that uses more of the Corvair factory parts and linkage.