Brown EFI Distributor

The Brown EFI Distributor is a NEW “TSP” branded distributor modified to provide RPM and timing information for the ECU.  Using this distributor eliminates the need for the timing wheel pickup system and because VR Reluctors are not affected by heat, they are designed to last a lifetime. Modifying this Distributor has made it the ultimate VR distributor for the EFI Corvair.

We disassembled the TSP Distributor:

  • Lock the mechanical advance
  • Remove the Circuit Board,
  • Remove Vacuum Advance and weights,
  • Correct the input phase for EFI

It can be used with many aftermarket ignition systems that require a VR pickup. If you currently have a trigger wheel system, there is no reason to change it unless you plan to install AC or have spacing issues at the harmonic balancer.  You may have to make a slight dent in the engine cover for the distributor to make a full rotation (not usually needed).

Installation and Alignment Procedure:

The steps below should be followed for proper alignment:

  1. Rotate the engine to point the rotor button to  #1 on the compression stroke.
  2. Rotate the engine to 25 degrees mark and rotate the distributor base for alignment with plug wire #1.  Tighten the distributor lockdown nut to a point where the distributor can not be moved.  ONCE ALIGNEDDO NOT LOOSEN THE NUT/ROTATE THE DISTRIBUTOR
  3.   install the distributor cap
  4.  Connect the wiring to the plug and start the engine/finish installation.
  5.  If the engine won’t start, Verify the engine is on the compression stroke.

ECU Setup:

  • Open TunerStudio
  • Ignition Settings Button
  • Ignition Options/Wheel Decoder
  • Spark Mode:  Change to Basic Trigger
  • Trigger Angle Offset:  50 degrees
  • Ignition Input Capture:  Raising Edge


Troubleshooting:  If you experience a no-start/backfire situation, check the plug wire order or distributor is 180 degrees out.

**Distributor Core is required if a distributor is not received.