Fuel Pulsation Damper


Kits manufactured after 1 Sep 2021 will have a Fuel Pulsation Damper included.  Kits before that date can be updated by ordering the Subaru or Chrysler damper.

The EFI kit uses the fuel pressure regulator located near the gas tank and has been suspected of causing a fuel pulsation wave that can create a “lean hole” in the fuel table or uneven injection.  These lean holes are caused by the combination of fuel line size, pump speed, and injector speed,  and pressure regulator frequency but normally happens in the 2700-3200 RPMs range and can play havoc on the tuning of the engine.

The fuel pulsation dampener should be installed between the body fuel line and the engine inlet fuel line.   We recommend installing the Subuara Fuel Dampener, Part Number: 42086AG080 or Chrysler PFD-05.  We also recommend installing even if you’re not having noticeable issues as this will smooth out the fuel tables for a better running engine.