Fuel Only EFI

Our current design has always included an electronic ignition system, but some of our users have expressed interest in keeping their points (for simplicity) or using their existing Pertronix/CDI box.  We also recommend leaving the distributor and coil in place during installation as that is a good test of the fuel system by excluding the ignition system.

To use the EFI (Fuel Only) system do not connect the ignition module and use the pink coil wire as the power for Pertronix-type ignition that requires 12V.  Factory Corvair coils are 12V and are reduced to 9V to protect the points, not the coil.  If you plan to run a factory points ignition, a voltage resistance wire will be needed.   The fuel-only system will still use a crank wheel for RPM information and will upgrade to full EFI (With Electronic Ignition) later if desired.

The coil will not explode as others have indicated as it is a 12V coil.  You will need a system that does not overheat the coil with long dwells as it does not add power to the coil, only heat.